East Texas Ag News: This week’s cattle and hay numbers

East Texas Ag News: Avoid tilling saturated soil when prepping garden

East Texas Ag News: Soil testing for hay fields

Heritage Land Bank to give away $3,000 in grants to FFA chapters

East Texas Ag News: Feeding birds in the winter months

Keep a look out at your feeders.

  East Texas Ag News: Seed planting tips for the new year

You can start the new year off planting seeds in your garden.

East Texas Ag News: Latest numbers for hay, cattle producers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Building your garden soil

If your garden has some fallow areas that need building, the Winter months are an excellent time to add organic matter, which is beneficial to all soils.

Livestock Market Report

Check out the current Livestock Market Report.

East Texas Ag News: What to do with all those leaves

It’s the season of leaves and you may be wondering what to do besides burn them. One option is adding them to a compost pile. It will take some time, but it will eventually yield back “black gold” or compost that will enrich soils and can be used anywhere you want plants to grow better.

Grazing demonstration with turnips

A recent trial looked at the viability of seeding turnips with ryegrass as a winter grazing option for cattle. The results delved into the specifics of this option that may sound odd to some.