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FBI's facial recognition database holds records on millions of Americans

Following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the FBI has just released new documents that show the Bureau is making steady progress on its facial recognition database. More>>

When Facebook is a bank...

Would you trust the 'Bank of Facebook' with your cash? Here's how Facebook's big money project is getting started. More>>

First in series of rare 'blood moon' eclipses begins April 15

In the early morning of April 15, the sky will host a rare type of lunar eclipse – one in which the moon will have a crimson coloration.

The NSA reportedly exploited the Heartbleed bug for years

The U.S. National Security Agency was aware of the infamous Heartbleed bug for at least two years, having discovered it shortly after it emerged, and has routinely used it to collect data and spy on foreigners and likely on Americans. More>>

Understanding the growing movement against Google Glass

We named Google Glass our best mobile product of 2013 because of the game-changing potential, but not everyone agrees. More>>

One day only: Google Glass goes on sale next week

 In the clearest indication yet that Google is close to a full-blown commercial launch of its face-based computer, the company has announced that Glass will go on sale next week – for one day only.

Did Steve Jobs lower your salary?

Google and Apple colluded to help keep salaries low in the Valley. Now your own workers may be affected. More>>

Does Facebook make women feel bad about their bodies?

Too much time on Facebook may take a toll on a young woman's sense of self-esteem, particularly how she feels about her body, a new study suggests. More>>

Heartbleed Web bug might expose vast amounts of private data

A serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL Internet encryption protocol known as the Heartbleed bug has potentially left the information of most Internet users vulnerable to hackers.

Still using Windows XP? Here’s how to bunker down and survive the end of support

Microsoft’s famously successful (and still popular) Windows XP is now well over a decade old. After April 8th, 2014 there will be no new security updates and no new patches. Here's what you need to know.

3 things every business can learn from gamers

They drove mobile, they drove freemium, and now they are proving that everything is better by the byte. More>>

Study links cell phones and ED

Researchers from the Medical University of Graz in Austria and Cairo University in Egypt have identified a possible correlation between mobile phone use and erectile dysfunction.

Amazon’s $99 Fire TV puts Apple, Roku on notice with voice search, open ecosystem

Amazon today unveiled the FireTV, a $99 set-top box in the tradition of Roku and Apple TV that aims to tackle three main problems Amazon sees in competitors: performance, search and closed ecosystems.

From the horse's mouth: Twitter on best tweeting techniques for small businesses

Businesses can see a return on Tweets, they just need to be using the social media platform properly. More>>

Bitcoin innovations and obstacles

The Bitcoin peer-to-peer digital currency system has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity. Since the Bitcoin currency system was created in 2009, over 12.3 million Bitcoins have been created; the total market value of Bitcoins now exceeds $6.8 billion. More>>

Console wars heating up

Stockbyte / Thinkstock Stockbyte / Thinkstock

With Nintendo's Wii U now more than a year old, the two remaining members of the triopoly of video game console makers - Microsoft and Sony - are now vying for market share with the latest versions of their signature consoles.

Smartphone kill-switch tech could save consumers $2.5bn a year

Americans spend an estimated $500 million on replacing stolen handsets, and four times that on insurance when they purchase a new phone. More>>

The 7 best income tax apps for the iPad

image courtesy of Digital Trends image courtesy of Digital Trends

The big deadline to file your income taxes with the IRS is Tuesday, April 15. And if you’re like me, you still haven’t gotten them done yet. We all have our bad years, but there are a number of apps that can help you out.

Facebook just bought Oculus VR

Facebook has announced the acquisition of Oculus VR, the maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, in a deal worth $2 billion. The details are expected to be finalized by early summer.

See your bracket fall apart from anywhere by watching March Madness online

Your boss probably wants you to be all “productive” this week, but we know you have a lot of money riding on the March Madness tournament this year, and you don’t want to miss a second of the action. We’re here to help.

Analysts debate iPhone sales, but they’re stagnant either way

When you think of iPhone, the first thing you might think of it how many have been sold. While we think sales of the iPhone have peaked, there’s no arguing the success the iPhone has had.

Selfie trend pushing demand for plastic surgery

Have you ever taken a selfie, looked at it, decided your nose looked massive and promptly booked an appointment with your local plastic surgeon? Probably not, but many have.

14 hidden features in iOS 7.1

It's been six months since iOS 7 became available, and while we certainly had more than a few problems with it along the way, we generally like Apple's latest iOS offering.

Yes, you can catch a bad mood on Facebook

Before you post your latest mood on Facebook, consider whether it's a mood you want your friends to catch. More>>

Mark Zuckerberg called President Obama over NSA spying, dubs it 'a threat' to the Internet

In a Facebook post, the social network's co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said U.S. government surveillance efforts are "a threat" to a free and open Internet – so much so that he claims to have called President Barack Obama to express his "frustration" about the issue.

Amazon is working on Prime music streaming, raises membership fees to help pay for it

Amazon is thought to be moving toward broadening its Prime service with a music streaming service. This could help Prime members who are in for a price hike.

Audiophiles clamor to get on board with Neil Young's PonoPlayer

Audiophiles have been murmuring about Neil Young's PonoPlayer for over two years, and now they're climbing over each other to secure one, possibly saving a few bucks in the process.

Buttonless Apple mouse was created accidentally

Sometimes, the biggest innovations and most important discoveries come not as a result of a group of creative minds pitting their energies together in efforts to create a single product, but by pure chance.

When smartphone is near, parenting may falter

Mealtime is supposed to be family time, but a new study suggests that ever-present smartphones are impeding parent-child communication at the table. More>>

Edward Snowden at SXSW: Encryption is the answer to NSA surveillance

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden beamed in through a video feed to call on the technologists at the 2014 South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, to help "fix" the problem of mass government surveillance through easy-to-use encryption technology.

Facebook hopes new rules will curb illegal gun sales

Facebook announced policy changes affecting the way firearms are advertised and sold on the social networking site. Instagram, which Facebook acquired back in 2012, is also affected by the new rules. More>>

Pornography dethroned as the king of malware on phones and tablets

Sorry, pornography. You may corrupt our innocent eyes with your graphic sexual imagery, but you're not as bad as you once were.

Google's Maps Gallery maps out everything from minefields to congressional districts

Maps are not only a convenient and fairly straightforward tool to help you get from Point A to Point B, but can also be a compelling way to present information and sets of data.

UK spies snooped on Yahoo users' sexy webcam chats

British spies may have naked pictures of you. That's the latest revelation from the Guardian's investigation of documents leaked by NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated new smartphone, the Galaxy S5, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Rolling out with a full orchestra and impressive display, Samsung placed the Galaxy S5 center stage, and it certainly has big shoes to fill considering last year's record-breaking release.

The Internet finally drives Moviefone’s call service out of business

Moviefone, the once-popular phone service that provided movie times for your local theater will be shutting down approximately one month from now.

Save money with social media

Find discounts and deals on Facebook and more. More>>

Apple's OS X security hole affects slew of apps

It looks as if it's going to be a busy start to the week for Apple's security team, with more bad news surfacing in connection with a recently publicized 'gotofail' vulnerability in its mobile and desktop operating systems. More>>

Man uses forklift to dislodge Twix from vending machine, loses job

It's a situation most vending machine users have been faced with at one time or another. You put your money in, make your choice, hit the button, and watch helplessly as your purchase gets stuck on its way out of the machine.

On Twitter, Tea party and left wing tweeters stay separate

Twitter is the site of plenty of political chatter. But for people with opposing views, Twitter isn't exactly a place to come together and micro-blog towards a better understanding.

Curses! People swear a lot on Twitter, and here are the most popular words

Some people use Twitter to share links and keep up with what's going on in the world. Others use it to troll people, writing nasty messages with mean language .

Can this iPad app train your brain to help you to see farther?

Aaron Seitz, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Riverside, has created a new, publicly available app that, with repeated use, can legitimately condition users to see farther. More>>

Don't miss a text: Pushbullet syncs Android notifications to your PC

Pushbullet can do many things, including sending notifications that pop up on your phone's screen to your desktop. More>>

The Lego Movie has outtakes!

In celebration of The Lego Movie's critical and financial success, Warner Bros and the Lego team have released the "outtakes" of the film.

Forget the sappy gifts, these apps will bring you closer to that special someone

Valentine's Day can be annoying, even if you have someone in your life. But if you remove yourself from the corporate cards and necessary relationship affirmation, there's a good message underneath.

Video games might help people with dyslexia learn to read

Video games might help people with dyslexia improve their ability to read, a new study suggests. More>>

TV audiences increasingly turn to Facebook for their real-time gossip fix

People used to talk about last night's "I Love Lucy" episode the day after it aired, around the water cooler. These days, audiences can discuss "Downton Abbey" with all their friends and family simultaneously (not just their dreaded co-workers), before the episode is even over. More>>

10 Valentine's Day tech gifts to warm hearts with cold silicon

Put down that pathetic teddy bear and box of chocolates, because we've got you covered with Valentine's Day gift items your love interest will actually want. More>>

Flappy Bird is gone forever, so play one of these better games instead

Flappy Bird is no more. Dong Nguyen's controversial mobile gaming hit was officially pulled from the iTunes App Store and Google Play this week. Now that it's gone, you're free to play all manner of other games. Better games. More>>

On 'The Day We Fight Back,' can we knock the NSA the same way we stomped SOPA?

Can the Internet do to mass surveillance what it did to the Stop Online Piracy Act?

Google's Olympic doodle posted in protest of Russia's anti-gay law

Added to the home page yesterday, the latest Google doodle both celebrates the start of the Olympic games as well as defies the anti-homosexuality laws put in place by Putin's government. More>>

Get these Super Bowl apps before your fingers are covered in nacho cheese

If you still yourself itching to pull your phone out of your pocket, load it up with these second-screen apps to stay entertained if the Super Bowl gets out of hand. More>>

Unlock hundreds of movies on Netflix with a simple browser extension

You can easily trick Netflix into thinking you're in a different part of the world, and thereby gain access to hundreds of different movies that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see. More>>

Turn friends into roommates by building the ultimate Super Bowl entertainment system

This is a great time to update or upgrade a home-entertainment system. Prices are especially low this time of year, and there are many deals to be had. More>>

Smartphone apps for diabetes: Do they really work?

Managing diabetes requires a great deal of time, memory and math skills. There are carbohydrates to count, medication doses to calculate and blood sugar levels to track. More>>

Impress your friends and enrage your spouse with this Super Bowl TV buying guide

Buying a new TV can be a confusing and expensive endeavour. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!

Many parents learn online skills from their tech-savvy kids

The next time you're surfing the Web, you may need to thank your kids. More>>

Man shares his own wanted picture on Facebook, arrested shortly after

A Pennsylvania man was arrested on Monday after sharing his own mug shot on his personal Facebook account along with a taunt directed at the Freeland Police Department.

Happy birthday, Mac! Remembering the original personal computer, 30 years later

Thirty years ago, home computers were clunky or too expensive. Apple's Macintosh helped change all of that.

Chrome browser bug can let malicious sites eavesdrop

A NY Times report revealed that a web developer has found a way to listen through a computer's mic – even when the user thinks it's off – by exploiting a vulnerability in Google's browser, Chrome.

NSA phone metadata collection illegal, ineffective

Things keep looking worse for the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' telephone metadata, a program found this week to be illegal and ineffective by an independent government watchdog group.

Texting while walking a dangerous combination

There's more evidence that texting while walking can be risky business. More>>

Season Shot lets you spice up your dinner with a shotgun

Here's word of another brilliant ammo innovation: shells filled with herbs and spices. More>>

Ears on with Beats Music, the Spotify contender you shouldn't press skip on

Beats Music is a streaming music service that may not be all that different than it's competition, but it sure feels like it is. More>>

Space junk: Japan to use 'magnetic net' to clean up floating debris

When you gaze up at the night sky and marvel at the wondrous sight of all those sparkling stars and faraway planets, it's hard to imagine that's there's also a load of crap floating about up there. Our crap.

NSA collected 200 million text messages every day, called it a 'goldmine'

The Guardian and the UK's Channel 4 News report that U.S. spies have indiscriminately collected nearly 200 million text messages a day from people around the world. More>>

Ultra HD streaming explained

Ultra HD, which offers four times the resolution of 1080p HD, is the future of television. But how are you going to get 4K content to your brand new set? More>>

Naughty America makes a bawdy gamble on Ultra HD porn

House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and porn. What do they all have in common? No, it's not your late night viewing lineup. Rather, all of the above will soon be shown in dazzling Ultra HD resolution.

Florida man shot, killed in movie theater because he was texting

A 43-year-old Florida man named Chad Oulsonwas killed by 71-year-old Curtis Reeves in a movie theater during a showing of Lone Survivor after the two men got into an argument over texting.

Was Target the tip of the iceberg for holiday cyberattacks?

In the weeks following Thanksgiving, online retailer Target suffered a cyberattack that exposed the personal data of up to 110 million of its customers; in recent days, Neiman Marcus has confirmed that its databases have also been hacked.

Are you ready for this Jelly? A look at Biz Stone's new social Q&A app

One of the founders of Twitter has created a new app. Is it worth your time to download it? More>>

Acquaintances in social networks may find themselves 'replaced'

Although social networking sites let users keep in touch with a wide group of acquaintances, new research shows that people still put most of their efforts into communicating with a small group of friends or family members. More>>

20 percent of seventh graders have 'sexted'

More than 20 percent of at-risk seventh graders have "sexted" and those middle schoolers were much more likely to also have engaged in some type of sexual behavior, a new study finds. More>>

Ice cream truck replaces jingling music with text messages

Residents of a Swedish town have complained so much about the loud music playing on the speaker of the local ice cream truck that the company plans to silence the jingles in favor of silent text messages.

See how Twitter said 'Happy New Year' around the world

Did you wish your Twitter followers a happy New Year? Plenty of Twitter users did as 2014 began, according to an interactive map created by Twitter. More>>

6 essential home hacks for a hassle-free holiday

Christmas is nigh! That said, we have a few tips to make the season a little more hassle free.

Prankster's 'cell phone crashing' video turns into YouTube hit

Here's something amusing to take you into the weekend. More>>

Recently shopped at Target? Your credit card information may be compromised

Retail giant Target and federal authorities are currently looking into a security breach that potentially put millions of customer's credit card and debit card numbers at risk. More>>

Tech gifts for people you don't like

If you're feeling passive-aggressive and would rather give a gift that says "I don't really like you" rather than actually blurting it out after one too many brandy-spiked eggnogs, let these godawful gadgets do the talking. More>>

5 things you need to know about the historic ruling against NSA surveillance

A federal judge ruled that the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone call data in the US is likely unconstitutional – and that's a big deal. More>>

Blues Brothers car chase scene recreated in awesome Lego video

The Blues Brothers may not be a car movie, but it does have some of the best car chases ever filmed. Now there is a new way to watch it, because someone has managed to completely recreate it using nothing but Lego. More>>

Autonomous robotic security guards may be headed out into the streets

Knightscope is developing a new type of crime-detection robot that could help police departments by using predictive algorithms to determine where crime will occur.

Celebrity deaths and birthdays top the most popular tweets of 2013

The year 2013 has been huge for Twitter, especially for celebrity news.

NSA uses Google Web browser cookies for targeted hacks, leaked documents reveal

Think all of those advertising cookies installed on your browser are being used by the government to track people and hack into their computers? You're not paranoid – you're right.

Knicket plans to make searching for new apps much easier

Wading through around a million apps to find the best one for you can be a time consuming business, and even though both Google Play and the iTunes App Store's search features have improved, they're still not perfect.

Reddit community helps Houston woman find her lost dog

Losing a pet can be a harrowing experience. One woman turned to the Internet to help find her beloved pooch. More>> lets you check if you’ve been pwned by hackers

Significant data leaks aren't exactly uncommon these days. But how do you know if hackers have gotten ahold of your passwords and data? More>>

Hackers stole 2M Facebook, Twitter and Google passwords

"Criminal botnet" sounds like something from a forgotten sci-fi serial from the 1970s, but turns out they're real, and they'll steal your passwords. More>>

And this holiday season's hottest gifts are...

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. But what are we shopping for? Google knows!

Australian eagle steals video camera, poses for selfie

Wildlife rangers in Australia set up a motion-sensor camera alongside a river in the hope of capturing footage of crocodiles. They certainly didn't expect this. More>>

How NORAD got into the Santa-tracking business

As it's been doing every year since 1955, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAD, will be tracking Santa's progress on Christmas Eve as he makes his way around the world delivering gifts, eating mince pies, and knocking back copious amounts of sherry. More>>

Here's how to not get cyber screwed on Cyber Monday

 ‘Tis the seasons for getting monster deals online. But just because Cyber Monday lacks the threat of being trampled to death by a hoard of penny pinchers doesn't mean you're safe.

NSA spies on porn habits

What's the one online activity that most people don't want anyone to know about? Porn watching habits, of course.

Get your guests' faces out of their phones this Thanksgiving

The upcoming holiday is not just about the parades, football games, or all the turkey you can eat. It's about spending time with friends and loved ones and having fun, in real life rather than on the Web.

Look awesome in every picture with this pro photographer's secret trick

Most of us don't like being in front of the camera because the self-conscious side of us says we're not attractive enough to be in photos. Well, portrait photographer Peter Hurley tells us that we are all beautiful people but the secret to looking really photogenic is through something he dubbed the "Squinch."

The Moto G will make you shred your phone contract and never look back

What happens when a phone is both cheap and a bargain? Is that even possible, or would such a device cause the seas to boil and the sky to fall in? More>>

Smartphone use for business at night may not be so smart

As smartphones have become the must-have technology for millions of Americans, the opportunity to call, text or email is often just an arm's length away -- day or night. More>>

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