Your Complete Guide to the 4th of July - - Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

Independence Day celebrations around East Texas


It's a time of year that Americans love: the celebration of America's freedom! Find a place to celebrate with a bang...pack a picnic and enjoy! More>>

Independence Day ice cream, anyone?


Here are a few familiar ice cream recipes, plus a couple of new flavor ideas, as well! Enjoy a new recipe this weekend! More>>

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Full text of the Declaration of Independence


In honor of Independence Day, we thought we'd give you a little refresher on why we celebrate July 4th every year and provide you with the full text of the Declaration of Independence. More>>

Check out these ideas to make your 4th of July celebration even better, and submit your own recipes to us, as well! More>>

Big outdoor cookouts on the 4th of July certainly qualify as a widely-loved American tradition.Luckily, you can enjoy yourself at a cookout and not gain weight or clog your arteries! Mama Steph shares a few ideas.

Secrets of the grill: Corn

Grilling gives corn a nutty taste that makes each ear perfect for flavored compound butters, sauces, and glazes.

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