GET FIT: New Fitness Trends - - Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville |ETX News

Gravity Training


'Gravity' classes at designated Montgomery YMCA locations give you both a cardiovascular and strength training work out. More>>

Get Fit with TRX


You know about free weights, treadmills and bicycles, but a strap hanging from the ceiling? TRX was designed by a Navy Seal and is now available to the rest of us. More>>

Get Fit: Boot Camps & Home Videos


So you don't like the gym? How about the great outdoors? Boot camps are becoming a popular alternative to health clubs. More>>

7 foods that fight fat


Research shows these seven foods can actually help speed the weight loss process if eaten regularly. More>>

Can clothes help you burn more calories?


MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's not only the way you work out that can help you lose weight. Some exercise scientists say the clothes you wear could also make a difference. Women have long relied on shape More>>

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