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  East Texas Ag News: Spring weed control starts in fall,winter

East Texas Ag News: Are ornamental cabbage and kale edible?

East Texas Ag News: Honeybees search for pollen, nectar as winter approaches

Late season hay harvest

East Texas Ag News: Benefits of chickens grazing empty gardens

East Texas Ag News: Pork, chicken prices lower than this time last year

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  Keeping grass healthy through the fall, winter months

Pruning trees and shrubs

East Texas Ag News: Grains that do well in East Texas

East Texas Ag News: Cattle and hay numbers for week of Nov. 1

East Texas Ag News: Gardening opportunities continue in November

East Texas Ag News: Preparing plants, gardens for first frost, freeze

East Texas Ag News: Weekly cattle and hay numbers

Taking a quick look at cattle and hay numbers for this week.

Federal aid available for Texas pecan farmers affected by new tariffs

The Lone Star state is third in the country for pecan production, behind Georgia and New Mexico. With the 2018 harvest underway, farmers are now facing those big tariffs from the top buyer of U.S. pecans.

Water well training and testing opportunity

Landowners that get household water from their private water well have a one-time chance to get a couple of tests conducted free of charge.On Wednesday, Nov 7 from 1 -5 pm, the Texas Well Owner Network (TWON) will be hosting a free training and water testing at the Angelina County Extension office

East Texas Ag News: Planting the right pecan trees for East Texas

The Texas state tree is the pecan and not only does it look good in landscaping it also produces a great treat.

  East Texas Ag News: Adding organic material to improve garden soil

East Texas Ag News: Asian vegetables in East Texas

East Texas Ag News: Benefits of green manure

East Texas Ag News: Cattle and hay numbers

East Texas Ag News: Texas A&M AgriLife at Texas State Fair this weekend

East Texas Ag News: Rainy weather causes spike in brown patch

  East Texas Ag News: Pasture conditions improving across the nation

In the latest USDA crop progress report, about a quarter of the country’s pastures and rangeland are poor to very poor.

East Texas Ag News: Controlling fire ants on your lawn

You can expect to see an increase in fire ants. Thanks to the rains subsiding in many parts of the state.

East Texas Ag News: Cattle and hay numbers for the week

Here are this week’s numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Pay attention to coated seed for winter crops

As you are in the midst of planting winter forage crops, pay close attention to the coated seed you purchase.

East Texas Ag News: Controlling duckweed in ponds

When it comes to your pond, duckweed is a common yet difficult weed to deal with.

East Texas Ag News: Expect to see more fire ants

You can expect to see an increase of fire ants due to recent rains subsiding in many parts of the state and the re-emergence of warmer, drier weather.

Composting – How to put it together

While the practice of composting has been around for at least a couple thousand years, it has been since the mid 1900’s that much of our scientific knowledge of the composting process has been figured out.

East Texas Ag News: Cattle and hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers. Compared to last week, all weight class averages of both feeder steers and heifers ended fully two to four dollars higher.

East Texas Ag News: Late season hay baling in East Texas

If you're asking yourself if it's too late to bale hay for the winter, we have an answer for you.

East Texas Ag News: Let soggy soil dry out before planting fall garden

The cooler weather and increased soil moisture is pulling us back outside and into the vegetable garden.

East Texas Ag News: New strawberry variety named 2018 Texas superstar plant

There’s a new strawberry variety out there, called the festival strawberry and it’s available now at retail garden centers and nurseries.

East Texas Ag News: Ag extension agent shares composting tips

An East Texas ag extension agent shares tips on composting.

East Texas Ag News: Picking the right sized pond for fish

When it comes to raising catfish an ideal pond is a smaller pond that is an acre or less. If you want to raise more than one species of fish, experts recommend having a pond larger than one acre.

East Texas Ag News: Numbers for hay, cattle producers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers. Compared to last week feeder steer and heifer weight class averages from 400 pounds and down ended fully three-to-five dollars higher.

East Texas Ag News: Strong economy, exports help boost beef and cattle prices

A strong domestic economy and booming exports have boosted beef and cattle prices against near record U.S beef production.

East Texas Ag News: Spotting Armyworm caterpillars

Hay and forage producers along with homeowners around the state are battling Armyworms.

East Texas Ag News: Caring for your lawn during cooler months

Cooler weather and fall activities will bring an end to most of your lawn maintenance chores.There are still some chores to do that will ensure a good transition of your lawn into the winter months.

Mushrooms, fertilizer, fire ants, lime and stopping spring weeds

Fall is a unique time for lawn management. As of this writing, there are only about 60 days until the average first frost. The lawn should be winding down but we still have to mow until cooler temperatures and shorter days stop the grass from growing.

East Texas Ag News: Texas emerging from hot, dry summer

Texas is emerging from one of the hottest, driest summers on record, but the long term forecast suggests winter and spring will be wet.

East Texas Ag News: Cattle numbers up, hay numbers steady

This week's cattle numbers are higher while hay numbers remain steady.

Longview Chamber of Commerce reintroduces health insurance boost

The Longview Chamber of Commerce is teaming up with United Healthcare to offer more health plan options to members of the partnership. The plans provide small businesses with the same type of flexibility in product choices and pricing that large employers currently experience.

East Texas Ag News: Tips on planting garlic in your fall garden

Fall is the time to plant garlic from cloves with an anticipated harvest the following spring.

  East Texas Ag News: The importance of bees in agriculture

One out of every three bites of food you eat is dependent on pollinators such as honeybees.

East Texas Ag News: Pesticide tips for vegetable gardeners

As you treat for weeds, diseases and insects or pests in your garden, you need to be mindful of the products pre-harvest interval.

East Texas Ag News: The latest cattle and hay numbers

This morning we have the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Measuring bales of hay

Have you ever wondered exactly how big a bale of hay actually is? Buying and selling hay is often a difficult endeavor.

East Texas Ag News: Some insects beneficial for gardening

Did you know that 97-percent of the insects most commonly seen in homes and gardens are considered either beneficial or innocuous?      Gardeners who learn to put the beneficial insects to work is an important "earth kind" practice that can help reduce the use of chemical pesticides in the environment.

East Texas Ag News: Tips on dove hunting

If you're a hunter, you know that last Sunday was the opening of dove season.

Armyworms in lawns and pastures

This year we have seen a tremendous outbreak of armyworms affecting pastures and hay meadows like we typically expect to see.

Grazing Beef

In all my years visiting cattlemen and cattlewomen, all their cattle have been raised in pasture, grazing grass.

Imagine Growing Food for Others to Eat

There are all kinds of careers, businesses and industries to be a part of. We guide younger generations, as someone perhaps guided you, into all kinds of jobs with varying degrees of profitability.

Olives in East Texas

There are fruit trees that simply won't grow here due to our climate.

Pawpaws: ‘America’s forgotten fruit’

Pawpaws Pawpaws are a native fruit that I've seen only a few times but have never tasted. I'm betting many readers aren't familiar with this tree and its fruit.

Everything you need to know about growing blueberries

If you've enjoyed the run of local blueberries that finished a couple weeks ago, did you know you can grow blueberries in your own backyard?

Growing peaches

In Texas, peaches are the number one deciduous fruit crop.

Muscadines and other native grapes

Around these parts, we have a variety of wild/ Muscadine-type grapes.