East Texas Ag News: Spotting Armyworm caterpillars

Hay and forage producers along with homeowners around the state are battling Armyworms.

East Texas Ag News: Caring for your lawn during cooler months

Cooler weather and fall activities will bring an end to most of your lawn maintenance chores.There are still some chores to do that will ensure a good transition of your lawn into the winter months.

Mushrooms, fertilizer, fire ants, lime and stopping spring weeds

Fall is a unique time for lawn management. As of this writing, there are only about 60 days until the average first frost. The lawn should be winding down but we still have to mow until cooler temperatures and shorter days stop the grass from growing.

East Texas Ag News: Texas emerging from hot, dry summer

Texas is emerging from one of the hottest, driest summers on record, but the long term forecast suggests winter and spring will be wet.

PHOTOS: Ag life in East Texas

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East Texas Ag News: Cattle numbers up, hay numbers steady

This week's cattle numbers are higher while hay numbers remain steady.

East Texas Ag News: Tips on planting garlic in your fall garden

Fall is the time to plant garlic from cloves with an anticipated harvest the following spring.

East Texas Ag News: Adding legumes to pastures and hay meadows

What we mostly know as cool-season clovers are actually called forest legumes and they're extremely valuable to the livestock producer as they improve the soil, save hay feeding costs, and provide a financial incentive to producers.

East Texas Ag News: Benefits of composting yard waste

Each year, almost millions of tons of leaves, grass clippings, tree limbs, weeds, organic debris and other yard wastes end up in Texas landfills.

East Texas Ag News: This week's cattle and hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Combating crepe myrtle bark scale

A Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service urban entomologist has information on a relatively new pest taking over crepe myrtles.

  East Texas Ag News: Tips on planting winter hay crops

Because the dry weather has limited hay production and the recent outbreaks of armyworms that have consumed what hay East Texans were able to grow, planting a winter pasture may make more sense than ever.

East Texas Ag News: The importance of bees in agriculture

One out of every three bites of food you eat is dependent on pollinators such as honeybees.

East Texas Ag News: Pesticide tips for vegetable gardeners

As you treat for weeds, diseases and insects or pests in your garden, you need to be mindful of the products pre-harvest interval.

East Texas Ag News: The latest cattle and hay numbers

This morning we have the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Measuring bales of hay

Have you ever wondered exactly how big a bale of hay actually is? Buying and selling hay is often a difficult endeavor.

East Texas Ag News: Some insects beneficial for gardening

Did you know that 97-percent of the insects most commonly seen in homes and gardens are considered either beneficial or innocuous?      Gardeners who learn to put the beneficial insects to work is an important "earth kind" practice that can help reduce the use of chemical pesticides in the environment.

East Texas Ag News: Tips on dove hunting

If you're a hunter, you know that last Sunday was the opening of dove season.

East Texas Ag News: The latest cattle and hay numbers

Here is a look at this week's numbers for cattle and hay producers.

East Texas Ag News: Good and bad algae for ponds

Algae in a pond is generally considered a nuisance weed.

East Texas Ag News: How to combat blossom end rot in tomato plants

Blossom end rot is a common disorder with your tomatoes that happens in the hot dry summer months.

  East Texas Ag News: The benefits of mulching trees, shrubs and flower beds

Mulches are beneficial to your trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

East Texas Ag News: Ag law field education program set for mid-September

The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Nacogdoches is hosting an Ag law in the field education program in the middle of September.

East Texas Ag News: This week's hay and cattle numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers this week.

East Texas Ag News: Safe products to control pond weeds

Glyphosate is a safe and active ingredient used to control pond weeds with an exposed dry leaf.

East Texas Ag News: How to rid your yard of armyworms

Army worms are a common pest for livestock producers since they eat up pastures and hay meadows, and you're lawn as well.      When these worms feed... The larvae strip foliage and then move onto the next food.      If you're wondering if you've seen them, they tend to march side-by-side together from food to food.      That's how they get the name army worms.      If you don't see the actual worms, their ...

East Texas Ag News: Planning fall gardens

Working in your garden this time of year can reward you with produce that you'll harvest in the cooler fall months. But in order to be successful with many of those garden crops you must plan around our first frost. It's difficult since we don't know any specific date, but for much of East Texas we can expect it between the first to middle part of November. Consider planting newly-tilled beds during your Labor Day holiday. That will give you most of September and October to gr...

Armyworms in lawns and pastures

This year we have seen a tremendous outbreak of armyworms affecting pastures and hay meadows like we typically expect to see.

East Texas Ag News: Drought concern of hay producers

Right now, the word "drought" is causing some worry among agricultural producers. In our area, many livestock producers and hay growers are feeling the effects of the long stretch of hot and dry weather. There's been a shortfall of hay produced this season; and as hay producers know, the majority of hay production season has passed.

East Texas Ag News: Fruit and vegetable conference

The Annual East Texas Fruit and Vegetable Conference is today in Overton. The event will offer professional and amateur producing tips on everything from Asian vegetables to figs and fertilizers, according to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

East Texas Ag News: Understanding Duckweed

If your pond has a carpet of very small, floating weeds with short leaves, it's probably duckweed. Duckweed is a common and difficult-to-control aquatic weed found in many farm ponds. There are products that can control it without hurting your fish, but the duckweed is still likely to come back.

UPCOMING EVENT: Path to the Plate

On Monday, Aug 20, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service in Angelina County will be holding a program called "Path to the Plate".

Grazing Beef

In all my years visiting cattlemen and cattlewomen, all their cattle have been raised in pasture, grazing grass.

East Texas Ag News: There's still time to grow warm-season veggies

There's still time to plant some traditional warm season vegetables that can grow before the first frost. A short-term summer crop to consider is squash or beans. Those will be ready to harvest in about 60 days.

East Texas Ag News: Texas A&M's Dean of Agriculture and Life Sciences tours Texas

Texas A&M's New Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Agriculture and life sciences Dr. Patrick Stover is on a statewide tour. He recently visited the Texas A&M AgriLife research and extension center in Overton. Stover got a look at operations and visited with staff and regional stakeholders. Stover has been visiting AgriLife centers around the state to get a first-hand look at AgriLife assets and to meet scientists and specialists. It's part of an approach to better align ...

East Texas Ag News: Weekly cattle and hay numbers

Here are the latest numbers for cattle and hay producers. Compared to last week all feeder steer and heifer class averages ended a full three-to-five dollars lower. The continuing drought is beginning to show an effect on market prices. Pasture conditions continue to wilt under the heat and dry weather conditions, which forces cows being culled along with lighter than normal calves being marketed. Slaughter cows showed to be four-dollars lower while slaughter bulls ended six-dollar...

East Texas Ag News: Benefits of Bermuda grass

Let's take a look at the benefits of a seasonal grass that's common in cattle and hay operations throughout the southeast. Bermuda grass is a sod forming grass and spreads by stolons, which are horizontal above ground stems, and rhizomes, which are underground stems.  The grass is most productive throughout the summer months. Soil moisture and nitrogen are the two most limiting factors in Bermuda grass production so fertilization is essential for a successful Bermuda grass...

East Texas Ag News: Fish and waterfowl in farm ponds

Fish and waterfowl have different preferences when it comes to farm ponds.  Most fish species prefer deeper ponds with open water. But waterfowl prefer shallow ponds with lots of vegetation.  So it's important for you to determine what the intended use of your farm pond is *before constructing a new one.       If you want the pond to be used for fishing it should have deep water reaching at least six feet deep.   ...

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July 2018 Livestock Report

July 2018 Livestock Report

Olives in East Texas

There are fruit trees that simply won't grow here due to our climate.