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Puppy trapped in well rescued by local firefighters

A happy ending after three hours of trying to rescue a puppy that fell into a 75 foot deep well.

The dog was caught and trapped about halfway down. Firefighters got a call around 5:30 yesterday afternoon along CR 26 in Chapel Hill. KLTV 7's Courtney Lane was there for the entire rescue.

As the hours went by, firefighters quickly lost daylight. But they weren't giving up on this little pup, trapped 25 feet down this dark, deep well.

Firefighters set up a pulley system, lowering food and a basket as bait.

"We thought he might be trapped under that piece of wood under there cause all you could see was his head. Couldn't see his back or his legs very much," said firefighter Clay Williamson. "The problem was getting the puppy to lift his head up to put the noose around his neck."

But finally, after 3 hours, some success.

"He was wagging his tail and walking around wanting to play. He was real happy," said Williamson.

And so were these kids who had been worried about little Buttercup all afternoon.

"We were searching the yard and we just heard something from the well," said Stefon Gee.

"We were scared that she might die," said Shania Gee.

Now tonight, relief that this little girl was rescued without any injuries - just a big appetite.

"I'm happy...because I thought she was never going to come out," said La'Tecea Jiles.

It seems Buttercup has definitely coined the new name Lucky.

Jackson Heights, Dixie, and Lindale Fire all responded to help the puppy. The homeowner says he'll be getting that well covered up.

Courtney Lane, reporting. clane@kltv.com

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