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Van twirlers suspended for using 'I Kissed A Girl' in their routine

An east Texas school will have a little less pep at their next pep rally. Three Van high school twirlers have been suspended from performing, for two weeks, because of their choice of a song. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper has the story behind the suspensions.

This is the routine the twirl team performed to a pop song by Katy Perry where the female vocalist sings 'I kissed a girl and I liked it."

"The teachers were all quiet but the students were singing it," said Jordan Downey.

Downey is one of three on the twirl team. She said they choose at the last minute to use a routine from a different song and perform it to this.

"It would be fun. We liked the song, we liked to twirl to it. It was fun. There was no backdoor meaning. We just wanted to twirl," said Jordan.

But their school sponsor had warned them against using the song.

"She told us that it wouldn't be a very good idea.We just decided that we couldn't get into a whole lot of trouble because it wasn't that big of deal so we just did it anyway," said Jordan. "I really wished I would have changed the song at the last minute but kept this whole thing from happening."

Van ISD told us today the girls are in school and can practice but were suspended from performing at two football games.

"The girls deliberately disobeyed what they were told to do. Chose another song," said Suzanne McWilliams, the assistant Superintendent. "It was a disciplinary action. It was handled under the student code of conduct. It was handled in the right manner. We've had no parent complaints."

Jordan's mom Jane says she agrees with the school's decision, a consequence of the girls' actions.

"Just a bad decision, good kids, sweet kids," said Jane Downey. "There is nothing to pick from that the kids like, that the kids will listen to and get the kids pepped up and the whole idea of a pep rally is to get them pumped up."

"I don't necessarily think it was appropriate but compared to the other songs it wasn't any worse. In fact I would consider it down from the other songs," said Jordan.

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Danielle Capper, reporting.

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