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Athens Woman Crochets Giant American Flag

Stitch by stitch an East Texas woman crocheted the largest American Flag she has ever seen.  What started as just a ball of yarn has turned into a masterpiece you just can't help looking up at.  

It's not your ordinary American Flag.  Yes, it's red, white and blue and has 50 stars, but if you unraveled the almost a million stitches it took to make the flag, it would almost stretch around Tyler's Loop 323.

"When I decided to make it big, I thought there are flags out there that are a lot bigger than this, but I don't think there is any of them hand crocheted," said Athens resident Nancy Hilton. 

Hilton began stitching the flag three years ago.  She says she got the idea while vacationing during the 4th of July.

"After we left Atlanta, I wanted something to do," said Hilton.  "I crochet in the car, and I told Mack (Nancy's husband) I want to make a big flag.  I said I want to make a big flag for our soldiers, for our veterans past, present and future.  I want something that somebody will pay attention to and look at." 

Standing 13 feet tall and 24 feet wide, this giant flag is hard not to pay attention to. 

"We were standing over with the neighbors and everybody was just saying this is awesome," said Hilton. 

"I was just overwhelmed I guess," said Mack Hilton.  "It was real touching." 

Together, Nancy and her husband said they hope to display the giant flag at different patriotic events around East Texas.  They said they want it to be a visual reminder of the sacrifices our soldiers make.

"I'd like for people to be touched knowing that it's in honor of our soldiers and remember to think kindly of our soldiers," said Hilton. 

"I hope they know that somebody loves people, which she (Nancy) does," said Mack Hilton.

It's Nancy's love for our country and the art of crocheting all stitched into one.  Nancy said if she had worked on the flag eight hours a day, it would have took her six weeks to finish. 

If you would like to see the flag it will be on display at the Henderson County Courthouse on Veterans Day.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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