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Peterson's Mom A Field Legend Too

Adrian Peterson's speed wowed Sooner fans in Oklahoma and left them in his dust at Palestine.

His mother, Bonita Jackson, swears her son gets his talent from both sides of the family. But history tends to lean to her favor.

"I guess genes just pass down to each generation," she laughed.

At Palestine Westwood, Bonita was known as the fastest girl in Texas. In the state track tournament she won gold in the 100 meter, 200 meter, triple jump and long jump her senior year. Twenty years later, her son Adrian earned the distinction of fastest boy in the state.

"It was overwhelming and exciting because I know everything that goes along with being the number one recruit or the fastest person in the state of Texas," she said. "It's a lot that comes with that."

The world knows Adrian went on to become a star at Oklahoma. In April he was the seventh draft pick overall taken by the Minnesota Vikings.

Bonita said even though she has witnessed it all, somehow it is still hard to believe.

"It was like a dream come true. It was something we've always dreamed would happen."

Reflecting on her own career, Bonita remembered when she first knew Adrian was a special athlete.

"In little league football," she said. "I mean he was just tough. Even as a little kid he was just running through tackles. He was exciting to watch even as a little kid."

There is no need to say this mom is proud. Most parents could only imagine what it feels like to be in Bonita's shoes.

"I just thank God that he has handled himself well and given God the glory for everything that has happened in his life."

But who would win in a foot race? Bonita her senior year or Adrian his senior year? 

"Angh, I think he would have edged me a little bit," she laughed, "but it would have been close."

Bonita and hundreds of other family, friends and fans will in Palestine, Saturday, June 23, when her son is honored with "Adrian Peterson Day."

A parade kicks things off at 10:00 a.m. at the Palestine courthouse followed by Adrian receiving a key to the city at Wildcat Stadium.
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