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A Better East Texas:Residents Water Consumption

Some local legislators are getting pressure from cities like Dallas to give up East Texas land for big city water abuses. Now, we can all appreciate that large, urban areas need water - especially to keep up with projected growth. But how much do they really need? And should their needs be met at the expense of local east Texas landowners?

First of all, statistics show that the average Dallas resident consumes 260 gallons of water per day, while the average East Texan consumes 181 gallons. And this sense of entitlement toward water is similar to their land demands. Even the Dallas Morning News acts as though they are "owed" this favor, showing no regard for our local landowners whose property will be put under water.

If reservoirs need to happen, they eventually will. But east Texans need to be paid fairly for their loss. If we're going to make this a Better East Texas we need to let our local state representatives know how much we appreciate their support and understanding.


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RIght on! Exactly right!  WIll the future Texas consist only of big cities and reservoirs, with none of its vital rural areas?  Farms, ranches, forest, land owned for generations by the same family? 

Conservation can keep Texas as awesome and varied as it is now and make it a leader and example for the rest of the county with better conservation, new desalinization plants and by keeping East Texas as beautiful, full of character, respect for its small towns and its citizens.

~ Nancy Glass


Thank you for pointing out the excessive water consumption situation in Dallas.  I believe that when the people are correctly informed re any given situation, that they will make the right decision.  You have helped inform the public of the facts re the water/reservoir situation in North Texas and are to be commended.

~Don Gaines


In my old age, the Income I get from my land keeps me off the "wellfare" rolls in Red River County.... If water hogs take my land, I cannot live on the Social Security that I get.  It is nice to have land that makes a living for me and my family.

~ Billie

I do not want to see the Sulphur River Basin destroyed just so that rich people in Dallas can have pretty lawns.  I do not want the state of Texas to steal my home for a fraction of its worth. 

~Sharon Black


I think Dallas should be required to practice water conservation measures with penalties for abusers for at least 5 years before we even talk about the possibiity of Marvin Nichols Reservoir

~ Isabelle Smith


I want to thank you for your continued support in long battle we are fighting.  The message must get out, that everything isn't alright.  We as well as the DFW area must learn to live within our means. 

Thanks again, Max


The "fine folks" of Dallas will at some point need water, but let's just consider using what is readily available before we proceed to destroy the lives and family heritage of those of us who have owned land for hundreds of years.  God forbid they give up their "jet ski" entertainment.  GET REAL . . . lush lawns and water sports or my family history and roots, guess which one I will fight for.  If it ever became a life and death situation for Dallas folks to survive that's entirely different than just wanting to obliterate my family history so they can fish and wash their cars at will.  I would love to have this conversation personally with those in favor of Marvin Nichols Reservoir.

~Kim Vavrecka


A well deserved thank you from the heart of east Texas- the land owners.  We were put here to take care of the land not flood it for irresponsible waterhogs.


Sooner or Later Dallas/Ft. Worth will have to go to the Gulf and Desalinate the Sea.  If they were to do that now they could sell any excess to other cities like Houston and San Antonio. 

Also, Major conservation efforts must be enacted to preserve this precious resource.

Dallas/Ft. Worth needs to get responsible and lead the way in this effort

God help us all or texas will become a huge lake.

~Neal Saul

I own land in East Texas and I am very concerned about the prospect of losing my land and my heritage.  My grandparents worked 140 acres of land and that land has passed down from my grandparents to my parents, to me and my siblings.  We hope to pass this land to our children so that they can continue to enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the land.  Our land has timber, wild boar, deer and a multitude of small animals and birds who enjoy living there along with us.  And we don't use much water.  Please don't let this be taken away.  It is worth more than any money.

~Dolores Rizor

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