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Viewers Want Understanding Of Union's Position With Goodyear

Some viewers have written KLTV 7 asking 'why did union workers go on strike, if Goodyear was already planning to close the Tyler plant?'

We posed that question to the union Tuesday.

"It was just an announcement that it was closing. You can make an announcement now and withdraw it and change your mind so we're going to stick it out," says Goodyear employee Charles Fields holding a union sign.

"We had no other choice because they said they were going to close it down and we're just trying to prove that it's not necessary," says retired Goodyear employee Gerald Masters.

"If Goodyear was doing this announcement for the Gadsden, Alabama plant we would stay on strike here until they back away from it. That is unity and that's what a union is about," says local union president Jim Wansley.

Wansley says the union was anticipating Goodyear's decision and if they didn't stand up to Goodyear back in 2003, it would have shut the Tyler plant down then.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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