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4/7/05-Smith County

Robertson Captured

Word spread quickly that the suspect was headed to Smith County. Authorties heard he was somewhere near Highway 110 and Interstate 20.

Then, his black Dodge truck was found just a few miles off the interstate, on County Road 422. And about an hour later, a little before 2:00 p.m., the suspect was found in a heavily wooded area off Pebble Beach Circle, right next to Garden Valley Golf Club.

KLTV 7's Michelle Mortensen was there when he was captured.

We're told a private citizen actually saw him lying in the woods just a mile away from where his abandoned truck was.

Photojournalist Chris Howell and Michelle were actually with law enforcement when they got word Jeffery Doyal Robertson was in the area.

They saw droves of officers start running toward the suspects abandoned truck. Chris and Michelle immediately hopped in our car, drove less than a mile away to Pebble Beach Drive, where we found the suspect.

They arrived even before all law enforcement did. Robertson was in this very wooded area.

Officers started yelling my name, telling me to get further back, for my safety, because the suspect was alive and armed.

Officers then immediately went further into the brush and took Robertson into custody.

Robertson was injuried.

''He was lying in the woods semi-conscious. He had n injury to his wrist where he self inflicted a cut on his wrist," says Sergeant Pat Hendrix with the Smith County Sheriff's Department.

An ambulance arrived just a few minutes later to give Robertson medical treatment. His arms appeared to be covered in blood.

EMT Paramedics carried him out of the woods on a stretcher and then air lifted him to ETMC.

Sergeant Hendrix told me Robertson was found with hand guns and rifles near his body and in his truck.

A DPS officer at the scene tells us, that sometime today Robertson is expected to be charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon and more charges are pending.

Robertson was released from the hospital and is in the Van Zandt County jail.

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