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Final Moments Of Tyler Shooting Rampage Caught On Tape

**WARNING: If you check out the streaming video, you will see images of David Hernandez Arroyo's death.  They may be disturbing.**

Highway 271 is where unsuspecting drivers found themselves in the middle of what would be a deadly pursuit Thursday. Arroyo's truck led the pack of police cars on his tail, when suddenly one officer hit him from behind. Another cop parks his car on the southbound shoulder and that's when gunfire was exchanged. The cop behind Arroyo has his hand out the driver's side window and fires at least 11 shots. Arroyo boldly fires back with his weapon, but he never makes it back inside the truck. A lethal shot, brings Arroyo's rampage to an end and officers cautiously approached the suspect, guns drawn. The "dash-cam" video is one of many pieces to the puzzle police will use to get to the bottom of this crime.

"Today we're basically gathering all the evidence as far as written statements, recorded statements from witnesses," says Public Information Officer Don Martin. "Due to the fact that he had on a bullet proof vest and a flack jacket, he apparently had some idea in mind that he was going to do this."

Drivers on 271 are lucky to have dodged the crossfire. A southbound pickup approached right as Arroyo's windshield shatters from a bullet hit. Another civilian nearly collides with a cruiser to get out of the way. Authorities say it wasn't until the end of this pursuit when they found out David Hernandez Arroyo's identity and his motive to kill.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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