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Ex-Mexican official arrested in Tyler

Hector Javier Villarreal. Photo Source: Smith County Jail. Hector Javier Villarreal. Photo Source: Smith County Jail.
Maria Botello. Photo Source: Smith County Jail. Maria Botello. Photo Source: Smith County Jail.

An East Texas congressman said he wants answers after an Ex-Mexican official, who is wanted in Mexico, was arrested in Tyler and later, taken to homeland security only to be released.

Smith county officials said 41- year- old Hector Hernandez Javier Villarreal was stopped for a traffic stop and later charged with money laundering when a deputy found more $67,000 in his Mercedes SUV.

It's not every day that the former secretary executive of the Tax Administration service of Coahulia, Mexico is arrested in Tyler.

"There was a warrant out for them in Mexico which is what we were advised because they were under suspicions for having defrauded millions and millions, maybe billions," said Sheriff JB Smith, Smith County.

Smith said it was a traffic stop- no front license on their Mercedes SUV, that prompted one of his deputies to stop Villarreal and his wife, Maria Teresita Botello.

"They look at body language to see how people act after doing their initial investigation they knew they had probable cause to continue this investigation on these people," said Smith.

Once the deputy was given permission to search the vehicle, Smith said he found 2 children, 67,000 and Oswaldo Coronado.

"We believe the money is from money laundering or drug money we don't know yet but we're going to file a civil action in a local district court to seek answers," said Louie Gohmert, (R)- Texas.

Villarreal, Botello and Coronado were then picked by the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement and taken to Homeland Security in Dallas, where State department released all three because their visas were not expired.

"When a visa expires, if it's canceled, if it's not in void because of fraud then of course you can deport them or pick them up. So I'm going to talk to someone in Washington and I sure what to get to the bottom of who it is because they are giving awfully bad directions to law enforcement who actually knows what they're doing," said Gohmert.

Gohmert said as of now Villarreal, Botello and Coronado have not been found, and he doesn't believe they are in Texas anymore.

We tried to contact officials with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for more information, but we never received a response.

Smith County officials said CPS officials picked up the children and they are now staying with family.

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