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Scorned granny shoots up neighbor's home

Helen Staudinger Helen Staudinger

FORT McCOY, FL (CNN) - Helen Staudinger, 92, wanted a kiss. And when she didn't get one from her neighbor Dwight Bettner, she got angry.

"There's three holes here in the wall and one hole in the window and of course one in my car," Bettner said. "She said 'I'm not leaving without a kiss.' And I said, 'I have a girlfriend so I'm not gonna give you no kiss.'"

Bettner, 53, says his home was hit with a barrage of bullets shortly after finishing a conversation with Staudinger, his elderly next-door neighbor.

Deputies found a semi-automatic on an end table in her home.

Staudinger was charged with aggravated assault and shooting into an occupied dwelling.

"She's pretty much raised hell with me for quite awhile, but I never thought she would start shooting at me," Bettner said.

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