GRAPHIC: Woman says she was dragged and bitten hundreds of times by a pack of dogs

GRAPHIC: Woman bitten hundreds of times by pack of dogs, she says

ST. FRANCIS COUNTY, AR (WREG/CNN) – An Arkansas woman said she was attacked and bitten hundreds of times by a pack of dogs.

Days into the healing process, the 27-year-old’s body is still a patchwork of stitches and bandages.

There are dog bites everywhere, too many for the doctor to count.

"He said he stopped counting at 200," said Lisa Ennis, the victim’s mother.

The woman said she was walking home Friday afternoon when 10 dogs surrounded her and dragged her behind a house, ripping off some of her clothes in the process.

"The first dog jumped up and it got me on the arm, and then they all just flocked," she said.

There was no one else around, and she was helpless to fight back as the pack tore ravenously at her.

"I think I made it up one or two more times to get to my phone, and they kept dragging me back behind the trailer so they could eat me,” she said. “I mean, they were literally eating me alive."

Her fate seemed sealed until a woman driving by heard her screams and was able to scare the dogs away.

Ennis was in disbelief when she saw her daughter’s injuries for the first time.

"I was in shock,” she said.

The woman now has to undergo reconstructive surgery and have skin grafts.

“I can't imagine anybody going through anything like that. It’s horrible," Ennis said.

The family claiming to be the dogs’ owners said they knew nothing about the attack, even suggesting coyotes were to blame.

Authorities said there’s no law in St. Francis County that bans unleashed dogs.

However, they did recommend the victim pursue a civil case against the dogs’ owners.

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