Longview holds Wreathes across America ceremony

Longview holds Wreathes across America ceremony

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A ceremony that has become part of the holiday season was held Saturday all across the country and in East Texas, to honor veterans.

'Wreathes across America' was held at Longview's Rosewood Park.

It was a solemn remembrance for those who have given service to the country.

“It gives me a chance to honor those that defended this country that came before me. Some volunteered some were drafted,” says Navy veteran Dean Bradshaw.

Volunteers placed a wreath at the base of flags representing each branch of service, and then on the graves of each veteran buried in Rosewood.

"A lot of these veterans have been ignored for so many years and finally to get some recognition for them is a worthy cause," says army Vietnam veteran Dick Jurkowski.

Away from shopping malls and strip centers, they came to give a quiet dignity to those laid to rest here.

"We are so pleased and honored to host this event every year," says Rosewood general manager Johnny Greathouse.

"It's because of them that we're free today. It's an honor to give honor to those that served," Bradshaw says.

This is the tenth straight year that Rosewood Park cemetery has hosted the ‘Wreaths across America’ ceremony.

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