LISD Academy prepares students for jobs with hands on training

Getting a head start

Longview ISD Offers Vocational Training For Students


Many students are choosing to go to a trade school rather than a four year university, and Longview Independent School District is well aware of that fact. They are offering East Texas High School students in four districts training in machining technology with equipment similar to what’s used by local manufacturers.

We take a look at the East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy in Longview.

Students are already taking classes at the East Texas Advanced Manufacturing Academy to see if the training is something they would like to pursue as a career.

“I always wanted to build parts and stuff for other people and I think this will be the right place to go to. It’s a great opportunity to have. Most kids never get this kind of chance to get a class where you get to learn how to build things and get to learn what you need to know. It’s a better opportunity. Helps you get a job too,” Colton Munoz, a junior at Pine Tree stated.

Academy Director Jody Sanders says the academy’s purpose is twofold.

“One being instrumentation in electrical and the other being machining. And also one thing we’d hopefully be able to provide the students is internships. Once they complete the program in the summer, offer internships and hopefully that will turn in to full time jobs,” Sanders stated.

The present class is learning to properly read blueprints, but is taking a look at some electrical equipment that has come in for next semester.

But it will go further than hands on with modern equipment.

“Being able to interview, do a resume, things like that,” Sander revealed.

Pine Tree senior Jabrealin Carlisle plans on using the courses to gain college credit.

“It’s a good opportunity for you to better yourself or further yourself in life and get everything you need right now for when you take a step further,” Carlisle said.

There is more equipment coming dealing with machining and control boards, purchased with grants and donations provided by industry partners who are allowing facility tours.

“We could show them in the classroom and out here, that’s one thing, but seeing it really happen at the industry level; what’s going on there, gives them a little different perspective,” Sanders added.

There are presently 37 students taking the course, but they can take as many as 80. Students will be credited up to 12 hours towards several colleges or Texas State Technical College.

Sanders says in the future industry partners may use the academy’s facilities to train new employees so they don’t have to shut down their facilities while training.

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