Dashcam footage shows officer-involved shooting in Gladewater

Gladewater PD Releases Footage Of Incident

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Dashcam and bodycam footage released by Gladewater Police Department shows an officer-involved shooting that occurred on Sunday.

(Warning: Images in the video might be disturbing to some viewers.)

The shooting happened near the intersection of Florence Street and Shepherd Drive in Gladewater.

The video shows Officer Jacobo Lira coming across Matthew Blaine Murchison walking towards his patrol car. Then, four gunshots are heard.

Murchison was shot in the leg after refusing to show his hands. police say.

Police say the call came in around 4:30 p.m. as a report of a suicidal person, last seen running away from a home on North Main. Officer Lira encountered the man on a nearby street.

Bodycam footage shows the officer firing at the man after demanding to see his hands. Police say the video shows Murchison lifting the front of his shirt with one hand, his other hand around his waistband, they say, in a way consistent with reaching for a possible weapon. The whole incident lasted no more than ten seconds.

“When I got there, he still had his gun trained on him and I wrapped him in my arms and covered his body up,” hs father said.

He said he heard the shots being fired. Murchison later confirmed to police that his son was suicidal, and said Matthew had told him he was going to provoke an officer to shoot him.

Gladewater police released a statement saying it is nothing short of a tragedy when a person devises a plan to take the life that God gave them, and then acts on that plan.

This is the second shooting Officer Lira has been involved in. The first was back in January when a suspect pointed a rifle at him and another officer.

The man in Sunday’s shooting was treated in a local hospital.

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