Gladewater women’s rehab facility needing help

Gladewater women’s rehab facility needing help


An east Texas women's recovery center is in dire need of help.

A recovery project in Gladewater helps women in crisis rebuild their lives from traumatic or addictive pasts.

Operating for the last year in Gladewater, the restored 180 project helps women recover from everything from drug and alcohol addiction, to domestic abuse.

"We have quite a bit of women, so it's hard to keep up with everything they need. Some people come in with nothing," says facility administrative assistant Brittany Monroe.

Run by Restoring Joy Ministries, the project needs help.

Caring for 20 some-odd women, they are running out of resources and are in need of everything from basic food for meals, to toiletries.

"Getting to see all these women lives being changed and Gods hand at work is phenomenal. It's very necessary. All these women here are broken, and have come in not having anything and feeling not worth anything," says staff intern Chelsey Rogers.

For many, the project may be the only alternative to getting their lives back.

"I went through this program and if this place wasn't here it completely changed my life , I wouldn't be here," Monroe says.

They say whether or not they have money or food, they'll turn no one away.

"We have a monthly fee here, and some of the girls come in here having nothing, of course we won't turn them away. I would probably not be here if this place wasn't here," Rogers says.

Workers say you can make monetary and supply donations at their location at 214 East Glade avenue in Gladewater.

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