Rain impacting local East Texas pumpkin patches

Rain impacting local East Texas pumpkin patches

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas has seen quite a bit of rain in the month of October causing a bit of a downer for those that want to visit their local pumpkin patches.

“Definitely 2018 is a rainier October in general and so we’re having to watch things more carefully," Reverend Ginger Brandt of First Christian Church in Tyler said.

Big, small, orange and colorful, the First Christian Church in Tyler has all sorts of pumpkins at their annual pumpkin patch. But this month’s rainfall is causing a bit of a problem.

“The rain has definitely kept people away, bad weather affects the pumpkins and the people," Brandt said.

Brandt said proceeds from the pumpkins help support their children and youth ministries. But she said the recent rainfall including yesterday’s severe thunderstorms have delayed their sales.

“We had to close due to thunderstorms, we lost pretty much the whole day of sales and then today we’ve been scrambling to touch every pumpkin and look for things that are damaged," she said.

A carved pumpkin can last up to about two weeks. But if a pumpkin takes in too much water it’ll begin to mold in just one day.

“The rain is hard on these crops after they leave the vine they can’t stand a lot of water before they start to mildew and go bad," she said.

While the rain is causing some issues for this local pumpkin patch, Brandt said that won’t keep them from selling pumpkins when the skies are clear.

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