Hurricane Michael impacts East Texas Kitchen’s Mama Steph

Hurricane Michael impacts East Texas Kitchen’s Mama Steph

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - You may know our Stephanie Frazier, or Mama Steph as we call her, from her delicious recipes on East Texas Kitchen.

However, you may not know that while she now lives in East Texas, Frazier was raised in St. Joe Beach, Florida, where Hurricane Michael has impacted the community.

Her heart and prayers were in Florida with her dad as the hurricane made landfall.

“This hurricane, when it came through Wednesday, I had been talking to him before telling him, ‘You know, you should probably go ahead and evacuate,’" Frazier said.

But she doesn’t know if he had a chance to evacuate.

“Because for three days I didn’t hear from him. I couldn’t get through, and he couldn’t get through to us if he tried," she said. "So I didn’t know if he was, you know, hurt or worse or if he was fine in a shelter.”

Days later, a deputy finally notified the family Frazier’s father was safe and accounted for. Frazier is now traveling to her hometown to help her father and others in need.

“We’re going to try to patch up what we need to, move trees if we need to. We don’t even know what we’re walking into at his house," she said.

While she’s happy her dad is okay, Frazier said she’s devastated to see the destruction the hurricane has caused.

“I’m fully expecting to break down and cry when I get to my hometown," she said. "It’s bad enough seeing this little town and what they’re dealing with, and it’s you know so much worse in my hometown.”

For now, she’s working through the hardship, focusing on helping friends and family rebuild and remembering the good times she spent at St. Joe Beach.

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