City of Jacksonville unveils new logo, tourism identity

City of Jacksonville unveils new logo, tourism identity
The City of Jacksonville has unveiled its new logo and tourism identity. (Source: City of jacksonville) (Bass, Gary)

From the City of Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, TX (News Release) - The City of Jacksonville is unveiling an identity system to help drive tourism to the town, beginning with a new brand developed specifically for that purpose.

According to Smith, “Jacksonville has a number of avenues through which the City and its resources are promoted; however, we feel it is time to develop a dedicated portal for repackaging Jacksonville as a true destination. This brand represents the first step in that venture.”

Smith also felt it was important to draw attention to the City’s initial, the letter J. “While I am not a Jacksonville native,” Smith said, “I did grow up in close proximity [Tyler] and, for me, Jacksonville was always about “the J”- from the City’s original logo to the tradition of the Flaming J. Jennifer Lee was able to adhere to that tradition while putting a fresh spin on it.”

Smith shared his appreciation for the unique landscape our town encompasses - namely, the Piney Woods, Lake Jacksonville, and the Love’s Lookout views. From that, the slogan ‘Woods, Water and Wow!’ was borne.”

The resulting brand pays homage to the City’s unique surroundings while visually differentiating it from other Jacksonvilles (Florida and North Carolina) through the use of our State’s colors and iconic star. The overall identity system will serve as a beacon for visitors and potential new residents, with the word “Explore” appended as an open invitation to discover the town’s unique flavor, history and environs.

An “Explore Jacksonville” logo was created by local designer Jennifer Lee of Design Plus. “Jacksonville has so much to offer that needs to be embraced and promoted. The new logo, theme and slogan are a nod to the collective draw of our town’s Points of Interest,” Lee said.

The brand will be visible immediately on City HOT funding advertising. The city will also be being exploring other avenues to promote Jacksonville and create a larger tourism base. Visitors and residents can expect to see tourism-specific marketing materials, social media and other communications appear over the next several months.

The tourism project will be funded via the City’s Hotel/Motel tax revenue.